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    About Dr. Lori Rappaport

    Dr. Lori Rappaport received her Masters and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Southern California. She did a Child and Pediatric Fellowship at Harvard Medical School, where she developed the Growing Up Great! Parenting Program. Dr. Rappaport also completed a Family Medicine Fellowship at Harbor-UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Rappaport has worked at several Children’s Hospitals including Boston, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego. She is the Co-Founder and current Director of the San Diego ADHD Center for Success.

    Dr. Rappaport opened her private practice in Carmel Valley/Del Mar while working at Rady Children’s Oncology in 1995. After the birth of her 4th child, Dr. Rappaport left Rady’s to focus on her family, and kept her practice at a minimum for many years. She volunteered with the Girl Scouts of San Diego, as a leader for two troops, taking her girls from kindergarten to high school senior Gold Award recipients, as a delegate representing San Diego at the National Convention, and served as a member of the Board of Directors for 6 years. Dr. Rappaport has been an active speaker at their yearly volunteer training and continues to provide trainings and support on various topics.

    Dr. Rappaport founded the San Diego ADHD Center for Success with her partner, Dr. Lewis Ribner, in 1999. Both were dedicated to educating parents and teachers on the impact of ADHD on the functioning of children and adolescents, and improving support services for them, removing barriers to success. In the process of working with children and adolescents, they recognized a large group of adults who experienced similar issues as children and despite their success, continued to struggle with some specific issues related to attention and efficiency often related to work and managing their families. Many of these adults were seeking support for their children and recognizing the parallel to their own childhood experiences. This led to the development of a Modified Adult Evaluation, unique to the center, to provide necessary information to these adults to improve their quality fo life in an efficient and cost effective way. In 2018, Dr. RIbner retired and Dr. Rappaport has continued the mission of the center.

    Dr. Rappaport enjoys teaching students and other professionals, as well as parents. She has taught at the University level in both undergraduate (USC) and graduate programs (Chapman University), as well as in the hospitals to medical residents and grand rounds. She has lectured at a variety of professional conferences ranging from critical care nurses to a national forum on school violence. Dr. Rappaport is a regular guest speaker for Scripps Hospital Parent Connection, Rady Children’s, Girl Scouts San Diego, Fusion Academy and Scripps Mother of Multiples Club, as well as various other schools and community organizations around San Diego County.

    In addition to the Girl Scouts of San Diego, Dr. Rappaport has served on the Board of Directors for The Jenna Druck Center, The Elizabeth Hospice, and Chelsea’s Light Foundation, where she continues to be an active director. Over her more than 30 year career, Dr. Rappaport has focused on many issues facing children and adolescents and has helped many parents support their children through challenging times.

    Dr. Rappaport added a therapy dog to her practice in 2011. Charlie, less a dog and more human, is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who “rescued” her, and has been a beloved member of the office staff ever since he walked into the waiting room. In her free time, Dr. Rappaport enjoys traveling with her husband, Charlie and her other therapy dog, also a Cavalier King Charles rescue, named Kona.


    ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

    Dr. Rappaport is the Director and Co-Founder of the ADHD Center for Success, which is committed to providing children, adolescents and adults and their families, the most current and effective evaluation and treatment programs for Attention Disorders. Ongoing support and education, collaboration with schools, and healthcare providers is a key component of our program. Through the Center, Dr. Rappaport provides comprehensive ADHD evaluations, follow-up testing to evaluate medication effectiveness, Individual and Family Counseling, Parent Education, School Consultation, and 504/IEP Support and Assistance.

    The ADHD Center has developed a unique Modified Adult Evaluation, specifically focusing on identifying adults never diagnosed who have often wondered if they have ADHD. Most of these individuals are bright, passionate and hard working but struggle to focus and maintain productivity, working hard and yet often inefficient in their efforts. The ADHD Center has designed a cost effective evaluation to help these individuals definitively identify whether they have an underlying neurological attention deficit and how best to treat it.

    Office Location

    Dr. Rappaport has an office in Carmel Valley/Del Mar, California. Her office is easily accessible from the 5 and 56 freeways in San Diego.

    Dr. Rappaport is also available for Telehealth consultations and therapy through a secure video platform to clients located anywhere within the state of California. Please contact the office for more information or to schedule an appointment.