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    Therapy Dogs

    Kona & Charlie are welcome members of our staff!

    Meet Charlie

    Charlie is a 13-year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel rescue turned therapy dog. He works in the office everyday and especially loves attention and tummy rubs. He spends much of his “Golden Years” sleeping and snoring and enjoying the company of people. He is a great listener, and now “listens” with all his senses, since he lost his hearing last year. Charlie has his share of “old man” issues, including mitral valve disease (common in Cavaliers), tremors, and intervertebral disc disease for which he takes a variety of medications and supplements. Most recently, Charlie has been receiving physical therapy including an underwater treadmill. Check out his workout pictures in the Gallery.

    We treat every day as a “gift.”


    Meet Kona

    Kona is a 6-year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel rescue turned therapy dog. He was rescued from Hawaii and appropriately came with his name. Kona works as an “understudy” to Charlie, though occasionally he will accompany Charlie to the office, which he loves as he adores Charlie and can often be seen climbing into the dog bed beside him. Kona is very affectionate and loves to give kisses. He has a bit of anxiety, so he enjoys being close to people.




    To adopt a Cavalier like Charlie or Kona, please visit Cavalier Rescue USA

    Charlie is Turning 14!

    We are so excited to celebrate Charlie’s 14th birthday! Diagnosed with a heart condition at 8 years old, we have approached every day as a “gift.” Charlie is still a happy little guy, who still loves his meals and any treats he can get with his warm, convincing eyes. He has developed some disc problems which has caused some difficulty using his back legs, and has been going to rehab (see dog gallery for video of his underwater treadmill “workout”) and is getting stronger. Although he is completely deaf now, he has adapted seamlessly, using his eyesight and smell to alert him when people are coming and going and if someone is eating something he might want a piece of! He misses seeing his regular friends, especially those who always gave him a cookie when they were visiting.