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    Both Pediatric and Adult, Oncology has been a focus for Dr. Rappaport since the early years of her training, prior to even becoming licensed as a psychologist. Dr. Rappaport worked with pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant patients at Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston, and pediatric Oncology patients at San Diego Children’s Hospital. She was a facilitator for Vital Options, a support group for young adults with cancer, for several years while living in Los Angeles. In addition, she was the first Psychosocial Director for Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times, a camp for children with cancer, and was responsible for the first Bereaved Siblings weekend.

    Siblings, both with surviving siblings as well as those bereaved, have been a special focus of Dr. Rappaport’s since her early experiences at Children’s Los Angeles. A diagnosis of cancer affects the whole family, and while parents are expectedly focused on the survival of their child with cancer, siblings are often left to try to live their lives as “normal” while their parents and their family are experiencing a life that is anything but “normal.”

    For more information on supporting siblings, see her handout on Siblings of Children with Cancer.

    In her private practice, Dr. Rappaport continues to work with children, adults, and families affected by cancer, during treatment, post-treatment, and following a loss.